Product Properties

Matchclamp are de-tensioning and tight cable lead-throughs and contact housings intended for all types of cables, also optical fibre cables. Matchclamp also allows flowing through of gas and/or liquid.
Matchclamp can also be manufactured so that it before or after mounting can be bent in any desired angle and direction.

Flexible and space-saving

Matchclamp is flexible and can be fully adapted to the requirements of the application and the desires of the customer. Matchclamp is manufactured from aluminium, brass, acid-proof stainless steel, titanium or copper. Different conducting as well as insulating surface treatments, all according to the customer demands and desires.

Waterproof and gasproof

Matchclamp is waterproof and resists more than IP 68. Tested by FOI (Swedish Defence Research Agency) up to 20 bar. Matchclamp is also tight in respect of most gases.


Matchclamp is EMI/EMC-proof. Matchclamp is found in equipment used in NASA’s space program.

Tension-proof and vibration-proof

Matchclamp resists the largest tension and vibration stresses. Tests made by Bombardier Transportation show that the cable breaks before Matchclamp come loose. May be obtained according to MIL-STD-202.


Matchclamp is environmental-friendly. Matchclamp meets the requirements of the RoHS directives. Matchclamp does not require glue or other chemicals.


Matchclamp consists of a single part and does not have to be supplemented with shrink tubing or another bending protection. Mounting of Matchclamp is also easy and quick.